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01-Jan-2018 01:22

You may have to log out and log in again to see them actually show up in that folder.If you have any programs open, you will need to close then and then open them again, to have the new fonts show up in those programs.Particularly the packages RPM that have settled can occupy much space and is by such reason agrees to eliminate them once no longer they have utility.Also it agrees to do the same with the old heads of packages that no longer are in the data base.Thanks to Dieter Komendera for the new location of the Fresh RPMs key.) This FAQ is maintained by Max Kanat-Alexander.That's max [at] fedorafaq *dot* org or "mkanat" in the #fedora IRC channel. If you discover an issue we don't cover, find any errors in the answers already here or have a suggestion of some kind, please contact us and we'll get on it.All of the instructions in this tutorial are geared to the needs of a Note: On Cent OS 6, you will get a "No package dnf available" notice after you have run the commands above, because the DNF program has not been added into the EPEL 6.x Yum repo.

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I hope this will help you understand how to use yum more effeciently.utility searches these data files to determine the best set of actions to produce the required result, and displays the transaction for you to approve.

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