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Irregularities in voter registration efforts in Sierra Leone, coupled with growing fears of intimidation of opposition groups, threaten to damage the credibility of national elections set for early next year, several NGOs have warned.Though the war has ended, Charles Taylor has been sentenced, and mineral companies are thriving, the poor of this West African country are little better off.Road crews are busy in Freetown as well, and the improved road that passes the gravel mines now takes only 30 minutes to travel its 10 miles from the capital, when a decade ago it took three hours.Along the way, there are new homes being built, some right next to the quarries where children provide the raw material.

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Zimbabwe's new president Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly described his first 10 days in office as "hectic",and Zimbabwe's army chief Constantino Chiwenga is reportedly earmarked for one of the country's two deputy president posts.Once the rubble is small enough to lug downhill, the women and children take over.Older kids use mallets and small sledgehammers to crush the rock into pebbles, while very small children use ball-peen hammers. An industrious rock crusher can fill about 10 pans per week, but whether anyone buys that much is out of their control.Children often miss the rocks and hammer their toes or shins.

Most miners have had gravel shards hit their eyes and cut their faces, and the majority of the school children have some injuries.Colonies of migrant gravel miners now live in crude zinc-walled shanties on the hillsides overlooking coastal Adonkia, Angola Town, and Lakka, communities that also draw Sierra Leone's few tourists to their well-kept beaches.