Sirius radio keeps updating

11-Sep-2017 12:31

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Harry/Daphne - The ice queen is the perfect girl for Harry if he's a political power house or grey, I can't see them together it Harry's light or if he was weak.

Sirius/Remus - How can you not love them together, even in canon they are like the perfect pair!

If I don't reply to a PM or review its most probably cause I am unable to use a laptop or computer so I apologize now!

And eventually, all of my works will be posted over there too XD. IMPORTANT NOTICEI am one of the many ( there should be more) people that have IAOWHPD or the I Am Obsessed With Harry Potter Disorder.Hermione/Rabastan - I haven't actually read one, but I've written it and love it! Ron/Luna - Ron's too much of a hot head to have Luna ans a girlfriend, I can't see it working!