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Mt Hood, Oregon, October 1964, Ed’s JG Photos Mt Hood, July 15th 1985, Rob De Graff Mt Shasta, 1989, Taylor Sherman 1995, Mirror Lake, Oregon 1991, Oregon, Coos Bay, Jonathan Harel 1985. Mt Whitney, California Arizona, September 1988 Mount Adams, September 1987. Echo_29, Nigh time contrails cas shadows on the clouds.North Vancouver, 1989 Paris, March 31, 1983, Oli Bac Oregon, 1990, mdintenfass 1986, March 8. 1988, Prague pre-1981 – Plates 173 and 174 from “A Field guide to the Atmosphere“, by Schaefer and Day 1977 Michigan – a single persistent contrail cuts the sky, through some rippled clouds. 1972, From the book , by Richard Scorer 1970 – Photo of a stop sign with a persistent and spreading contrail. I’m not sure of the source or accuracy of the date.

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Most of which were taken in the last few years, but a few like the above, back to 1984.

I’ve collected together a few photos of persistent spreading contrails from the past from 1991 back to 1940, just to show that this is nothing new, and that skies exactly like those shown on the “chemtrails” conspiracy web sites have been happening for the past 60 years.

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