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But it will never get them anywhere accept unable to find a decent job when they get older. But EVERYONE in the hood is trying to get the hell out!

A gang is a group of friends or family with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in illegal or violent behavior.

Now back at that time there was no such thing as a comic that had remained in print for more than six months so we signed these contracts, obviously without reading them very carefully because we trusted these people, then we found out... You have to remember that the comics industry was set up in the 1920s by Legs Diamond, Meyer Lansky, it was set up as a cover for bootlegging...

I'm talking about the original gangsters, as I believe the young people like to phrase it these days, the Meyer Lanskys and the Legs Diamonds.

Some criminal gang members "jumped in" (by going through the process of initiation) or have to prove their loyalty and right to belong to a group by committing certain acts, usually a theft or violence act.

And try to get him joined in different activities and around different friends.

I remember at school two boys deciding they were rasta's, smoking weed and talking in slang (bearing in mind this was more Kingston upon Thames than Kingston Jamaica), we were all really impressed and they seemed very grown up and rebellious.

I have them both on facebook, one is a chef in a small country pub with two children of his own and the other does electrical maintanence at Gatwick airport and has a lovely partner who is male.

if it gets worse then change schools and move to a different area.

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I know this sounds harsh but young people idolize the whole gangster thing thanks to hip hop and rap and doing crime seems normal and part of life.

I like to remind them of what they were like at school, it does not go down well it's afrikaans, can be hard to understand sometimes, lol. am having a stressful day, feel free to ignore my childishness.