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30-Aug-2017 13:53

This has always created tension in our friendship, but never enough to ruin it.

My other best friend of course always knew how I felt about everything, probably even better than she did.

Then again, all of my friends know that I'd rather have the brutal honest truth than a sugary lie.

If my brother and a friend of mine told me they were together days before the wedding, I'd have it out with them.

I tried to confront both of them about this, but since I was sworn to secrecy, I didn't have any solid proof that I could use.

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It isn't like they are so desparate for a relationship that they were the only ones they could find for each other. All this stuff about "informants" and "guilt" is really creepy. I think they likely thought that you would be jealous, especially considering your feelings towards your female friend.. You need to find a different girl to hook up with, and forget this one. If they want to tell me, they will, if they don't, they won't. Plans would get canceled at the last second because of white lies, and I would be wondering why all the dodging. (Which I'm sure you do.) So please keep that in mind should you choose to vent your anger at them. I thought that "Don't go after the girl your buddy has the hots for" is nearly a universal rule amongst friends especially best male friends.I think that a respectful family would want to tell you about something joyous in their lives and try to include you.

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