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Who knows - some Scandanavian Bulletin reader may even know a former Kim Milford fan who has a copy of the "Superstition" single that Circus Magazine back in the seventies reported existed and the actual recording of which was confirmed to me by Tim Bogert himself.There isn't a Beck fan alvie that wouldn't like to see a book about Jeff turn up.We must work as an albeit loose team of probers and researchers.Our mission is to contact other fan clubs or artists who have worked with or for Jeff. Then we may find things like more on the original Beck Group from Stewart's fans, maybe a tape of the Bad News London Concert with Brian May and Jeff from a Queen fan.Featuring 23 velocity layers, intelligent round-robin mapping and custom KSP layering effects.

The focus of this project is in exploring the main themes of electronic instrument design and development previous to 1970 (and therefore isn’t intended as an exhaustive list of recent commercial synthesisers or software packages.) As well as creating a free, encyclopaedic, pedagogical resource on the History of Electronic Music (and an interesting list for Synthesiser Geeks) my main interest is to expose and explore musical, cultural and political narratives within the historical structure and to analyse the successes and failures of the electronic music ‘project’, for example; The ideas put forward in Ferrucio Busoni’s ‘Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music’ (1907) inspired a generation of composers to explore micro-tonal and varied intonation and Hermann von Helmholtz’s ‘On the Sensations of Tone’ (1863) provided an understanding of the physics of sound suggesting the possibility of creating an unlimited palette of tones and shapes beyond the restriction of traditional instrumentation.

It was proposed that a new scientific culture replace the old archaic cultural order– brought about by new electronic instruments and scientific investigations into audio and visual perception (this period is covered in some detail in Andrei Smirnov’s excellent book ‘Sounds In Z’).

The Bolshevik government, traditionalists at heart and worried at their lack of control of this anarchic movement, suppressed it replacing it with a manageable propaganda based culture of uplifting, popular socialist realism; many of the former avant-garde were murdered, imprisoned or sidelined for the rest of their lives.

The project is completely non-commercial and self funded.

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The aim is to make the information available on a free/open source basis i.e.Analog Synthesiser (12) Analogue Sample (3) Andrei Volodin (2) Armand Givelet (3) Canada (3) Computer (10) Computer Music (4) Digital Synthesiser (9) Dr Freidrich Trautwein (3) Early Electronic Music (4) Edouard Coupleux (2) Electronic Instrument (3) Electronic Music (10) Electronic Music Studio (5) Electronic Musical Instrument (6) Electronic Organ (2) Fm Synthesiser (2) France (9) Germany (23) Graphic Synthesiser (4) Harald Bode (7) Herbert Brun (2) Heterodyning (10) Hugo Gernsback (2) John M Hanert (4) Jörg Mager (3) Laurens Hammond (3) Leon Termen (5) Max Mathews (4) Modular Synthesiser (4) NASA (3) Optical Synthesis (3) Organ (3) Oskar Vierling (4) Photoelectric (16) Pierre Schaeffer (2) Russia (17) Telharmonium (3) Theremin (4) Tone Wheel (10) Transistor (10) United Kingdom (9) USA (34) Vacuum Tube (57) Winston E.

Christine created, directed, produced, and taught performance courses at the "Martha's Vineyard Singer / Songwriters' Retreat", two month-long events that gathered thirty American songwriters to meet, collaborate, and record new material in September of 19.… continue reading »

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This makes the chatlines virtually immune to litigation.… continue reading »

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He made his early studies at the college of Diekirk, and in 1864 emigrated to the United States, where he completed his course at the Seminary of St. Men: Jesuits, Dominicans, Fathers of the Holy Ghost, Missionary Fathers of the Sacred Heart .… continue reading »

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Options to communicate were very limited at that time so the possibilities for erotic chatting were subjected to those same limitations.… continue reading »

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Just when I think Di has backed out she called my bluff. She looked so good with the sun shining off her proud tits. I'm not sure what I had, thinking it was a condom, but it wasn't a condom. He started to fuck her hard and fast, balls slaping deep into her. His dick driving deep into her coming out wet with her juices on it then plunging back into her wet pussy. … continue reading »

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Traffic Land will be updating the camera page beginning Monday, October 16 at 0900 EDT.… continue reading »

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And if we bring the metaphor back to live cam sites, when you have the model all to yourself you get to direct the show.… continue reading »

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